How to Pass Junior Clerk (BS-11) Paper by PPSC, FPSC, FIA, NTS, FBR ETC….

How to Pass Junior Clerk paper

How to Pass Junior Clerk (BS-11) Paper by PPSC, FPSC, FIA, NTS, FBR ETC….

  1. Junior Clerk Job Duties/ Job Description in different departments…

2. Junior Clerk Paper Pattern/ Syllabus by PPSC, FPSC, NTS, FIA and other Testing Agencies.

3. Step by Step Guide to Pass Junior Clerk (BS-11) Paper from PPSC, FPSC, NTS, FIA, FBR, and other such type of Testing Agencies…

How to Pass Junior Clerk (BS-11) Paper?

Junior Clerk (BS-11) Job Description/ Job Duties

In Police Department/ FBR/ S&GAD/ P&D etc…,

  • Diary & Dispatch
  • Record Keeping
  • Handling of Office files and record
  • Noting Drafting.
  • Creation of New files.
  • Updating files with PUC’s.
  • Record management.
  • As Appeal Clerk
  • As Pension Clerk
  • As Building Clerk
  • As Assistant/ Naib Accountant
  • Junior Auditor
  • Putting files with note before authority.
  • Any other assignment assigned by the Authority.
  • Putting up previous paper and other references relating to the case
    under consideration.
  • Opening of files and keeping a record of movement of files.
  • Keeping a note of all important orders and decisions.
  • Recording, indexing and weeding of files.
  • Watching the necessity of keeping priority of security labels on file.
  • Other clerical duties assigned to him, including casual typing, maintenance of diary register, preparation of statements and putting of routine reminders.
  • Any other assignment assigned by the Authority.

Junior Clerk (BS-11) Syllabus/ Paper Pattern

  1. Junior Clerk (BS-11) Paper by PPSC
  2. Junior Clerk (BS-11) Paper by FPSC
  3. Junior Clerk (BS-11) Paper by FIA, NTS, FBR, Ministry of Defense and other Testing Agencies, etc…
  1. Jr. Clerk (BS-11) Paper Syllabus by PPSC

One paper MCQ Type Written Test comprising questions on the following syllabus has been approved which is as under: –

One paper of MCQ type General Ability Written Test of 100 Marks of 90 minutes’ duration comprising questions relating to General Knowledge including Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, Islamic studies (Ethics for Non-Muslim candidates), Geography, Basic Mathematics, English, Urdu, Everyday Science and Basic Computer Studies.

  • Jr. Clerk (BS-11) Paper Syllabus by FPSC

(a). Part-1 English (20%)

Grammar usage & Sentence Structure.

      (b). General Intelligence (80%)

            i. Basic Arithmetic




                  Arithmetic means

            ii. Current Affairs

            iii. Pakistan Affairs

            iv. Islamic Studies

            v.  Basic Computer Operations     

  • Jr. Clerk (BS-11) Paper Syllabus by NTS, FIA, FBR and other Testing Agencies, etc…

100 Marks Single Paper MCQ Type Written Test comprising questions about General Knowledge including Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, Islamic studies (Ethics for Non-Muslim candidates), Geography, Basic Mathematics, English, Urdu, Everyday Science and Basic Computer Studies.

How to Pass Junior Clerk (BS-11) Paper?

Compulsory Contents:


  1. Tenses
    1. Pair of Words
    2. Articles
    3. Synonyms
    4. Antonyms
    5. Active & Passive Voice
    6. Idioms
    7. One Word Substitution
    8. Prepositions
    9. Vocabulary

Computer Science.

  1. Computer History
    1. Computer Generations
    2. Computer Parts (Hardware & Software’s)
    3. Basics of Networking
    4. Introduction and basics of Operating Systems
    5. Names of Computer Languages
    6. Names of Internet Browsers
    7. Names of Famous Computer Companies
    8. Basics of Email
    9. Basics of Internet
    10. MS Office

MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, MS Access, MS Picture Manager, MS One Note, MS Publishers.

Other Necessary Contents according to Paper Syllabus

Basic Mathematics/ Basic Arithmetic

  1. Algebra
    1. Ratio
    2. Percentages
    3. Arithmetic means

Islamic Studies

  1. Introduction to Fundamental Beliefs and Practices of Islam
  2. Tauheed (Unity of Allah)
  3. Risalat (Finality of the Prophethood)
  4. Akhirat (Day of Judgement).
  5. Introduction to Islamic ibadat (worship)
  6. Salat, Soum, Zakat, Hajj, Jehad
  7. Islam and other religions
  8. Concept of morality
  9. Quranic Ayat and their Translation
  10. Sunnah, as a source of sharia
  11. Ijma (Consensus), as a source of sharia
  12. Qiyas as a source of sharia
  13. Ijtihad (reasoning)as a source of sharia

General Knowledge Including

  1. Continents
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • North America
    • South America
    • Antarctica
    • Europe
    • Oceania
  2. World Geography
  3. Geographical Discoveries
  4. Lakes of the World
  5. Peninsulas of the World
  6. Oceans of the World
  7. Seas of the World
  8. Rivers of the World
  9. Water Falls of the World
  10. Islands of the World
  11. Glaciers of the World
  12. Coastlines of the World
  13. Shipping Canals of the World
  14. Famous Deserts of the World
  15. World’s 10 Largest Dams
  16. World’s Highest Dams
  17. Famous Tunnels
  18. Gulfs of the World
  19. Mountains of the World
  20. Plateaus of the World
  21. Straits of the World
  22. Landmarks of the World
  23. Geographical Epithets
  24. Wonders of the World
  25. World famous Streets
  26. World famous Towers
  27. World famous Bays
  28. Seaports of the World
  29. International Airlines
  30. International Airports
  31. Notable Newspapers
  32. Famous Buildings
  33. Archaeological Sites
  34. Cities on River Banks
  35. Mountain Passes
  36. Landlocked Countries of the World
  37. International Boundaries
  38. Location of Countries
  39. National Emblems of Countries
  40. Area and Population of Countries
  41. Presidents and Prime Ministers of Countries
  42. Official Languages of Countries
  43. National Anthems of Countries
  44. Capitals of Countries
  45. Currencies of Countries
  46. Parliaments of Countries
  47. National Birds of Countries
  48. National Flowers of Countries
  49. National Animals of Countries
  50. News Agencies of Countries
  51. Famous Intelligence Agencies
  52. Highest Military Decorations/ Awards
  53. Changed Geographical Names
  54. First in the World
  55. Producers of the World
  56. Libraries of the World
  57. Revolutions in the World
  58. Sacred Sites of the World Religious
  59. Renowned Mausoleums
  60. Renowned Memorials
  61. Famous Mosques in the World
  62. World Famous Shrines
  63. World Famous Churches
  64. World Famous Temples
  65. World Famous Gurdwaras
  66. World Famous Palaces, Halls
  67. World’s Famous Gates, Pillars and Historical Buildings
  68. World’s Famous Gardens, Parks, Squares, Markets, Stadium & Auditorium
  69. World Famous Museums
  70. World Famous Castles
  71. Notable Wars
  72. Famous Treaties
  73. Official Residencies
  74. International & Regional Organizations
    • League of Nations
    • United Nations
    • United Nations Specialized Agencies
    • Food and Agriculture Organizations (FAO)
    • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
    • International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
    • International Labour Organization (ILO)
    • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    • International Maritime Organization (IMO)
    • International Telecommunication Unit (ITU)
    • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
    • United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
    • World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
    • Universal Postal Union (UPU)
    • World Health Organization (WHO)
    • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
    • World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
    • World Bank Group
    • United Nations Programs and Funds
    • United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
    • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
    • United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
    • United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
    • United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
    • United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA)
    • World Food Council (WFC)
    • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
    • World Trade Organization (WTO)
    • Roster of the United Nations
    • Selected International/ Regional Organizations
    • Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
    • APEC Summits
    • African Union (AU)
    • Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
    • ASEAN Summits
    • Big Seven or Group of 7 (G-7)
    • G-7 Countries
    • Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC)
    • G-20
    • G-20 Summits
    • Asian Development Bank (ADB)
    • BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)
    • BRICS Summits
    • Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
    • D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation
    • Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
    • Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)
    • Secretaries General of ECO
    • ECO Summits
    • European Union (EU)
    • Group of 77
    • Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
    • Interpol
    • League of Arab States
    • Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)
    • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
    • Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
    • OIC Organs
    • Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
    • South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)
    • Secretaries General of SAARC
    • Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
    • Warsaw Pact
    • The Common Wealth
  1. Books and Authors
  2. Religions of the World
  3. Famous Painters
  4. Famous Poets
  5. Famous Personalities
  6. Nobel Prizes (2000-2020)
  7. The Booker Prize Winners
  8. Oscar Winner 2020
  9. Most Influential People of 2020
  10. International Years
  11. International Decades
  12. International Days
  13. Billionaires in 2020
  14. Economic / GDP Ranking in 2020
  15. World Universities Rankings in 2020-2021
  16. Sports
    • Cricket
    • Hockey
    • Tennis
    • Soccer
    • FIFA World Cups
    • Olympic Games
    • Asian Games
    • Basketball players in 2020
  17. Abbreviations

Current Affairs

        Daily TV Bulletins and Newspapers are best sources of current affairs.


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