Ministry of Defense Today Solved Papers of Sub Inspector, Security Sub Inspector and Security ASI.




Ministry of Defense Solved Paper held on 27.06.2021 for the posts of Sub Inspector (SI), Security Sub Inspector (SI), Security Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI).

1. Antonym of Ambiguity 

2. Antonym of Gratuity

3. Antonym of Censure 

4. Antonym of Decorative

5. Antonym of Preliminary 

6. Antonym of Persecute 

7. Antonym of Drop

8. Antonym of Better 

9. Recent India-China Disputed Area Name?(Galwan)

10. FATF Stands For ?(Financial Action Task Force)

11. Sun rise in the east and sets in the West because of Earth Revolution or Rotation ?(I Think Revolution Of Earth around its Axis)

12. Second Prime Minister of Pakistan?(Khuwaja Nazim UDin)

13. Which Part of Tea Plant is Used For Making Tea?(Leaves)

14. Current Chief Justice of Pakistan?(Gulzar Ahmad)

15. Chinkara deer and Peacocks are found which region ?

16. For Economy Improvement What shoud be increased?

17. BRICS is A Group of Developing

18. Mirza Ghalib Born in Which City ?(Agra)

19. Last Month of Islamic Colander?(Zil Hajj)

20. Kumrat Valley is in Which Region?(Uper Dir)

21. Deepest Ocean of the World ?(Pacific) 

22. CASA-100 Includes Kurdistan,Afghanistan and ?(Tajikistan)

23. FIFA-2021 Will Held in Which Country?(I Marked Qatar)

24. Qur’an was translated in Latin in Which Year?(1143)

25. Which Surah is Knows as the preface of Quran?(Surah Fatiha)

26. To spend Time In Arafat is Wajib,Sunnah or Faraz?(Faraz)

27. How many Chapters are in Holy Quran?(30)

28. Rabia Basri Born in Which Country ?(Iraq)

29. Tafseer of Qur’an Should be Started With       A. With e the Name of Quran       B. With the Name of Holy Prophets SAW       C. With the Name of Sahaba       D. All of these 

30. What is the Meaning of Kausar?(Abundance)

31. Madni Surah’s are Mostly?

32. What is the meaning of Al-Asar?

33. Tayamum was revealed during which Ghazwa ?(Ghazwa Mustaliq)

34. Thal Desert Lies b/w which two Rivers?(Jehlum and Chenab)

35. When Liaqat Ali Khan Joined Muslim League?(1923)

36. When Quaid e Azam Joined Muslim League?(1913)

37. In Which Year Islamiat Education become Compulsory Education?

38. How many Articles in 1973’s Constitution?(280)

39. Who Propounded first time Two Nation Theory in 1867?(Sir Syed Ahmad Khan)

40. Who is Current Deputy Speak of National Assembly of Pakistan ?(Mr.Qasim Suri)

41. KRL Stands For?(Khan Research Laboratories) 

42. Name the National Bird of Pakistan?(Chakor)

43. How many Seats of National Assembly According to Constitution of Pakistan Options : 100,114,110,105)

44. First Women Governor General of State Bank of Pakistan?(Dr.Shamshad Akhtar)

45. 80% of the Labour works in Industrial and ___Industries

46. Which Barrage Irrigates Baluchistan ?

47. Approximate Length of Indus River?(2900Km)

48. Pfizer vaccine ____effectivly ? (90%,85%,95%,80%)

49. A closed Figure having Seven Sides is Called ?(Heptagon)

50. How Many Economic Zones are in CPEC?(9)

51. Shortest day is on Which Date?(22December)

52. Which of the following have Longest Life Span?(Elephant, Turtle, Tortoise, Chimpanzee )

53. What is the Currency of Iran?(Riyal)

54. Mount Everest located in Which Country?(Nepal)

55. On Which Line Days and Nights are Equal?

56. Which among the following are the Hindus Religious Books (All of these was the answer)

57. Powerful Man of the World ?(Xi Zin Ping)

58. Seasons Changes Due to (Revolution of Earth,Rotation of Earth, Inclination of Earth,None )

59. French Revolution Promote

60. Since 1 Dec,2020 Omer Ayub Khan’s Federal Minister of? (Power Division)

61. Who Won Australian Open 2021? (Novak Djkovaic).

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