PPSC All Repeated MCQS 2022 SOLVED

All repeated MCQS 2022

Download PPSC All Repeated MCQS 2022 SOLVED in pdf with the correction answers taken from all papers held in 2022

These MCQS Questions will help you to prepare your future exams of PPSC and FPSC. These MCQS Will help you to qualify these exams with good marks.

PPSC Past Paper 2022 Most Repeated MCQs Collection

PPSC 2022 Past Paper MCQs Collection

Rameez Raja is the____ Chairman of Pakistan Cricket board.: A. 36

2. What is the total area of Pakistan in square kilometers?: A. 881,913Km2

3. How many district in Ladakh?: A. 2

4. Which continent has no desert?: A. Europe

5. Chemical Formula of washing soda: A. Na2CO3

6. When did Sir Syed Ahmad Khan died: A. 27 March, 1898

7. Muslim League was founded on _____ by Nawab Salim Ullah Khan in Dhaka,

Bangladesh.:  A. 30 Dec,1906

8. Which mountain range located in south of Pakistan?: A. Kirthar

9. Warsak dam is situated in_____. A. Kabul

10. Pakistan national poet Allama Iqbal died in: A. 21 April 1938

11. Sanaa Marrin of Finland is famous: A. Youngest Prime Minister

12. How many time squash ball jump in each shot? A. one time

13. In which city School of Public Policy located? A. Lahore

14. Which is the first gulf nation to complete FATF conditions: A. Saudi Arabia

15. When Shalimar garden established?  A. 1642

16. What is the longest glacier in the Karakoram and second-longest in the world’s non-polar areas?  A. Siachen Glacier

17. In which river Gazi Brotha dam is located? A. Indus

18. 2022 FIFA world cup will held in: A. Qatar

19. Which resources are non-renewable? A. Fossils Fuel

20. Pakistan and China with which pass?  A. Khunjrab Pass

21. Khyber is a_____: A. Pass

22. Pakistan is located in which continent? A. Asia

23. What does IWMI stand for?  A. International Water Management Institute

24. International Children’s Day is observed on: A. 20 November

25. Rann of Kutch is a disputed area between: A. India and Sindh

26. The Length of Pakistan and Afghanistan Border is: A. 2430Km

27. Who was the 16th President of US:  A. Abraham Lincoln

28. The Capital of Srilanka is:  A. Colombo

29. Pakistan China border agreement was signed in_______? : A. 1963

30. Which was the first country to recognize Pakistan an independent state: A. Iran

31. How many time Mahmud Ghaznvi invaded india? A. 17

32. Thal desert is located in:  A. Punjab

33. Pakistan purchased Gwadar from:  A. Oman

34. For how much rupees Ranjit Singh sold the Kashmir:  A. 7.5 million

35. The most populous continent:  A. Asia

36. Hemodialysis clean____: A. Blood

37. The largest Island of Pakistan is:  A. Astola

38. When Economic Co-operation Organization Established:  A. 1985

39. If batsman is out of the crease and wicket keeper hits the wicket this

wicket is called:  A. Stump

40. The land lying between the river Ravi and river Chenab is called: A. Rachna Doab

41. When was liaquat Nehru Pact signed: A. 1950

42. Syed Ahmad Shaheed Started the Jihad Movement Against:  A. Sikh Rulers

43. Which mushroom is not edible: A. Amanita Phalloides

44. Kidney stones is caused due to:  A. Calcium Oxalate

45. Cabinet Mission Plan was announced in the year: A. Feb 1946

46. Loud speaker voice is increase due to:  A. High Frequency

47. Cooking gas is also called:  A. Propane

48. When Mughal King Humayun recaptured Dehli Darber? A. 1555

49. who started the Faraizi Movement?  A. Haji Shariat Ullah

50. The luminous body emits:  A. Light

51. Nitrogenous Waste excreted through urine in human is:  A. Urea

52. World War I started in which year:  A. 1914

53. CTRL+S is used for:  A. Save

54. Light pen is which type of device:  A. Input optical device

55. In MS excel which bar is used for

formula and data writing: A. Formula bar

56. The physical part of computer:  A. Hardware

57. The brain of computer is called;  A. CPU

58. Qazaf is______ A. Clause in Islam

59. The tax collected from prisoner is called: A. Jiziya

60. On which river Kabul River falls:  A. Indus

61. Which of the following gas is used for cooling in refrigerators: A. Chlorofluorocarbon

62. Treaty of Hudaybiyyah is for how many years. A. 10 years

63. How many days 1965 war continued:  A. 17

64. The Roman numeral for number 1000 is: Ans. M

65. Which companion of Holy Prophet (SAW) recite verse of Holy Quran at the

presence of Najjashi?  A. Hazrat Jaffar Tayyar RA

66. Hazrat Usman RA did not participate in which war: A. Gazwa Badar

67. Open Skies treaty was signed in: A. 1992

68. Which minor is used in headlight of cars?  A. Concave

69. The authentic book of Ahadith is:  A. Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim

70. The sum of the three angles of a triangle is: A. 180 degree

71. What is the S.l. unit of temperature?  A. Kelvin

72. The most abundant metal found in earth crust: A. Aluminium

73. At the time of partition of Bengal who was the leader of Muslims in East Bengal: A. Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan

74. Pakistan bagged how many medals in Tokyo Olympics 2021? A. 0

75. Under the constitution of 1973 which language was declared as the National

Language of Pakistan? A. Urdu

76. Electron was discovered by:  A. J.J Thomson

77. The crime that involves and uses of is known as cyber crime. A. Computer, internet

78. The highest award of film is: A. Oscar

79. When the object move the with speed of light its mass would be: A. Infinity

80. Scandinavian country Norway is:  A. Constitutional Monarchy

81. HTTPS provides a ____ communication over computer network. A. Secure

82. In which year Taliban office opened in Qatar? A. 2013

83. The most prestigious literary award The Book Prize Started in: A. 1969

84. Which is the last state to join USA?  A. Hawaii

85. Ram Nath Kovind is incumbent president of: A. India

86. Recently declared as mosque Hagia Sophia was built by: A. Romans

87. Janat ul Maula is the name of graveyard In which city is located? A. Mecca

88. Name the first Women Speaker of Pakistan National Assembly? A. Fehmeeda Mirza

89. First poet of Urdu language: A. Ameer Khosro

90. How many seats were reserved in

assembly for Muslims in Lucknow


A. 1/3

91. The Civil Disobedience Movement led

by Mahatma Gandhi, in the year

A. 1930

92. Christians believe in.

A. Trinity

93. Masjid Mehabat Khan is located in:

A. Peshawar

94. The major source of energy in Pakistan:

A. Oil and Gas

95. Power house of Living cell:

A. Mitochondria

96. Name the function which is used to find

the length of string:

A. len()

97. The first ministry of Muslim league in

province of Sindh was established in:

A. 1943

98. Apple Park is located in which city?

A. California

99. Percentage of Muslim Population in


A. 100%

100. Ancient Period in history ended in:

A. 476AD

101. In which year Urdu Hindi controversy


A. 1967

102. Where is the tomb of Moulana Jalal ud

din Rumi located?

A. Koonia

103. General Pervaiz Musharraf introduced

District System in the year:

A. 2004

104. Nuclear energy when expanded


A. Chemical into


105. What is the shortcut key to “Center

Align” the selected text?

A. Ctrl + E

106. What is the smallest and largest font

size available in font size tool on

formatting toolbar:

A. 8 and 72

107. In which year Muslim league in

Baluchistan was established:

A. 1939

108. Which key is used for paste in MS


A. Ctrl + V

109. When was the Qiblah changed?

A. 2 Hijri

110. Which shortcut is used to calculate the

range of cells In MS Excel:

A. Alt+

111. How many time the Word “Ahmed’’

(SAW) has appeared in the Holy Quran?

A. one

112. The literal meaning of Soam is:

A. To Stop

113. The title page of document is called:

A. Cover Page

114. The freezing row and column in Excel is

in which pane:

A. Freezing pane

115. Go to command in excel is located in:

A. Find

116. Which type of view is not present in MS


A. Slide show

117. The PowerPoint view that displays only

text (title and bullets) Is:

A. Outline view

118. Which command is used to open

PowerPoint file:

A. Powerpnt.exe

119. The option is used to show a specific

row or column on every printed page?

A. Print Title

120. Which Sura is called ‘Aroos-ul-Qur’an

(the Bride of the Qur’an)?

A. Surah Rahman

121. Who is credited for building the Great

Wall of China?

A. Qin Shi Huang

122. __________is a predefined set of

colors, fonts and visual effects that you

apply to your slides.

A. Theme

123. The first page of any website is called:

A. Home Page

124. Which items are placed at the end of a


A. End Note

125. Which is correct form in MS Excel *

A. A6

126. A feature of MS Word that saves the

document automatically after every

____ minutes.

A. 10

127. To select a group of worksheet we press

and hold_____ key and select the sheet

we want to add.

A. Ctrl

128. Which value remain unchanged in MS


A. Constant

129. _____is the ghosted text behind the

content on page in Microsoft word.

A. Watermark

130. Who is regarded as the father of

political science?

A. Aristotle

131. Holy Quran first translated in subcontinent

in which language:

A. Sindhi

132. The Jinnah Barrage has been built


A. Indus

133. Website use information called:

A. Tracker

134. We set the page numbers in a____ type

of document:

A. Word


135. First working Laser developed by:

A. Thiodore


136. Tomb of Anarkali is situated in:

A. Inside of Punjab


137. Who is called “Poet of East”?

A. Allama Iqbal

138. Mercury Thermometer was invented


A. Daniel Gabriel

Fahrenheit ■

139. Which India Muslim called Quit Indian

Movement against Muslims?

A. Quaid-e-Azam

140. First Charter of Human Rights is .

A. Magna carta

141. When Radcliffe Award was announced:

A. 17 August,


142. The head of senate is named as .

A. Chairman

143. The atomic number of Hydrogen is:

A. 1

144. When Covid delta variant discovered in


A. Late 2020

145. 3rd June Plan is also called:

A. Partition Plan

146. The first Mughal emperor Babar tomb

is situated in:

A. Kabul

147. Which country has the unwritten


A. Great Britian

148. World’s highest peak “Mount Everest”

is located in:

A. Nepal

149. According to the Constitution of 1956

there shall be————–legislature in


A. Uni Cameral

150. Muslim population in Pakistan:

A. 96%

151. Third World Countries means:

A. Developing

152. ______is called the opium poppy.

A. Dried Latex

153. When the temperature increase,

resistance decrease in:

A. Semi-conductor

154. Water and salt is produced by reaction

of acid with.

A. Base

155. Mass is a same physical quantity is:

A. Inertia

156. Who was the last Governor General of

East Pakistan?

A. Abdul Motaleb


157. Carbohydrates are stored in plants and

animals in the following respective


A. Starch and


158. The Montague Chelmsford Reforms is

known as:

A. Government of

India Act 1919

159. US President elected through:

A. Electoral vote

160. The profession of Fatima Jinnah was:

A. Dentist

161. Pakistan won ICC ODI world cup in:

A. 1992

162. Allama Muhammad Iqbal delivered his

famous Allahabad address in:

A. 1930

163. AUKUS is a trilateral ______ .Pact

between Australia, the United Kingdom

and the United States. AUKUS was

announced on September 2021:

A. Defence

164. Who coined the name of Pakistan*’

A. Ch. Rehmat Ali

165. Which of the following become first

Arab country to launch Mars Probe?


166. In the manufacture of Banaspti ghee

which gas is used?

A. Hydrogen

167. Which gas is used in fire extinguishers:

A. Carbon dioxide

168. How many country use Euro currency?

A. 19

169. Containment of China is a part of

foreign policy of which country?


170. ______ is the process that power the sun

and stars.

A. Nuclear Fusion

171. Which woman played a role in Lahore


172. How many members in shimla


A. 35

173. Eiffel tower is located in which


A. France

174. The structure and functional unit of the

environment is known as:

A. Ecosystem

175. For spreadsheet which software is


A. MS Excel

176. Which function key is used for opening


A. F1

177. F12 key in MS Word is used for:

A. Save As

178. Ctrl+Shift+< is used for

A. Font size

179. When you open web browser which

page is open:

A. Home page

180. The capital city of Uzbekistan is:

A. Tashkent

181. Which of the following country is known

as “Mistress of Seas?”


182. After Ahmad Shah Dynasty, there rose a

competition for control between

Russians and:

A. British

183. 8/9 write in Excel without formula then

it shows:

A. Date

184. What does the NOW() function return

in Excel:

A. Current time

185. Which key is used for redo in MS


A. Ctrl+Y

186. _______is used to move the cursor one


right at a time in MS Word:



187. Which of the following is called as page

to create a presentation in PowerPoint?

A. Slides

188. Cyber security is related to:

A. Computer,

Network, and


189. To write 2 in x2 in word we use the key:




190. Which one is the most suitable reason

to use

Macro in MS Office.

A. To automate

repetitive tasks

191. What is to be use to add text in Slide?

A. Text Box

192. The _____ option is used to show a

specific row or column on every printed


A. Print Title

193. Which key is used to create chart in MS


A. F11

194. If you open the file after that you start

your work that you last ends:

A. Bookmark

195. To view the website we use :

A. Browser

196. Which command will you use in

PowerPoint if you need to change the

color of different objects without

changing content?

A. Color Scheme

197. In Excel, a Data Series is defined as


A. A collection of

related data

198. Design template option in available


A. Formatting


199. Which of the following is used to move


one page to another.

A. Web navigation

200. Specific information added on the top of

the page is called:

A. Header

201. We can add in MS PowerPoint:

A. Animation,

Audio and


202. #value! Which type of error record in


A. Excel doesn’t

recognize the


203. Which is the longest Surah of Al-


A. Surah Al


204. Which is the shortest Surah of Al-


A. Surah Al


205. When Zakat become obligatory?

A. 2 Hijri

206. The first Ghazwa in Islam:

A. Ghazwa Abwa

207. Imam-e-Dar-ul-Hijrat was a title of___:

A. Imam Malik

208. Name the tribe of Hazrat Haleema

Saadia, the

foster mother of Holy Prophet PBUH?

A. Banu Saad

209. The Kissing of Hajr-e-Aswad is called:

A. Istelam

210. D-8 countries contains:


211. The 2nd meeting of Khilafat movement

held in:

A. Bombay

212. “Five thousand years of Pakistan” is

written by?


213. What is meant by “Equinox” ?

A. Equal duration

of day and night

214. SECP is the regulatory authority of:

A. Stock Market

215. When south Korea conducted its second

nuclear test:

A. 2009

216. Cooking gas is a mixture of:

A. Propane and


217. The Central National Muhammadan

Association was founded in 1877 by:


218. The Action Button in Power Point:

A. End, Tab and


219. Who conquered Island of Cyprus:

A. Hazrat Usman


220. Which country is located in west of


A. Iran

221. Who was Pakistan chief of Air Staff in

1965 war:

A. Noor Khan

222. Why noble gases are less reactive:

A. Due to their

complete octet

223. Bundi Beach is in:

A. Australia

224. Yellow river is also called:

A. The Huange He

225. Babylon is the old name of:

A. Iraq

226. When did India repeal the Kashmir

status act:

A. 10 January


227. Who was the founder of Apple:

A. Steve Jobs

228. Who was the co-founder of Apple?

A. Allen

229. PKK stands for:

A. Kurdistan

Workers Party

230. When Quaid-e-Azam join All India



A. 1913

231. Whose birth year is 150 AH, when Imam

Abu Hanifa RA died?

A. Imam Shafi RA

232. Pakistan needs how many votes from

FATF members to exit from grey list:

A. 12

233. “Daughter of the East” is written by:

A. Benazir Bhutto

234. Feral means:

A. Wild

235. Car batteries uses______that react lead

plate to generate electricity.

A. Sulphuric Acid

236. Pakistan’s ideology is bases on the

ideals of:

A. Islam

237. The Hadith comprising the wording of

ALLAH is called:

A. Qudsi

238. In Pakistan term changa Manga politics

is used for:

A. Horse trading

239. Rohtas fort was built in Pakistan

during the

rule of:

A. Sher Shah Suri

240. Snowcapped mountain are found on

which planet:

A. Pluto

241. WWW stands for:

A. World wide


242. Metrology is study of:

A. Study of Weight

243. Bolan Pass is located in the range of:

A. Toba Kakar


244. For how many years does the reign of


guided Caliph prolonged:

A. 30 years

245. Tipu Sultan embraced martyrdom in:

A. 1799

246. Which of the following range is named

as Trans- Himalayas

A. Karakoram

247. The name of wife of Abu Jahal was:

A. Zirarah

248. Recently Karachi fell to which position

Crime Index out of 300 global cities:

A. 115th

249. Currency of China is:

A. Yuan

250. In which country Stonehenge?


251. Which is one result of the output is

given by a computer:

A. Information

252. The establishment of Delhi Sulatanat

began with invasion of:


253. Where is Tower bride located?

A. London

254. Muhammad Ali Sadpara was a:


255. A person who can neither read nor


A. Illiterate

256. Name the Um-mul-Momineen who

narrated maximum Ahadith:

A. Hazrat Ayesha


257. Operation Radd Ul Fassad means:

A. Elimination of


258. The study of stars is known as:

A. Astronomy

259. An application program that allow a

user to set

page number and spell check of

document is:

A. Word


260. Which of the following established a


line in Kashmir?

A. Karachi


261. Where is Bathsheba Beach?

A. Barbados

262. The name of Turkish Currency is:

A. Lira

263. A person who has unusual habits is



264. Who said “All history is the history of

class struggle”?

A. Karl Marz

265. In Pakistan, annually sugar

consumption per

capita is estimated as:

A. 25kg

266. What is the significance of 5th June the


calendar of the year?

A. World

Environment Da

267. Israel occupied East Jerusalem in:

A. 1967

268. Veteran actor Moeen Akhtar was a

famous for which type of Acting?

A. Comedy

269. _______is considered the engineering

hub of Pakistan.

A. Lahore

270. Defence Day is observed in:

A. 6th September

271. The respiratory problem common in



A. Emphysema

272. Light takes about_____ to reach earth

from the sun

A. 8.2 minutes

273. At the time when Khilafat delegation


England in 1920, the British PM was:

A. lloyd George

274. Gloss means:

A. Brightness

275. When did East Pakistan become


A. December


276. Kunar river is also called_____

A. Chitral river

277. Capital of Lebanon:

A. Beirut

278. What is the time of Khilafah of Hazrat

Ali RA:

A. Four year and

nine month

279. The partition of Bengal was annulled


A. 1911

280. The Institution of Senate was came into


under the constitution of:

A. 1973

281. Odds and ends means:

A. Remnants

282. The hardest thing present in a human

body is:

A. Dental enamel

283. Total districts in Punjab are:

A. 41

284. Functional Dependencies are the types


constraints that are based on:

A. Key

285. What is the name of the economic


signed between China and Pakistan in



286. In the atmosphere if the temperature is

low then the pressure is

A. High

287. The blotting paper helps absorb liquids


A. Capillary action

288. First Chairman of the Senate was:

A. Habib Ullah


289. Gwadar remained under Oman rule for

_____ years.

A. 174 years

290. Faiz Ahmad Faiz born in:

A. Sialkot

291. Which part of body become lethal due

attack of Covid-19:

A. Lungs

292. AH India Muslim Student Federation

was founded in which city?

A. Chennai

293. Sun Yat Sen Park and Casa garden is in

which city of China:


294. Ashhabat is the capital of:

A. Turkmenistan

295. Who was the second Prime Minister of


A. Khawaja


296. Nanga parbat is located in which



A. Himalaya

297. “Big Apple’ is a nickname of:

A. New York

298. Deficiency of causes anemia:

A. Iron

299. Which is the a latest member of NATO:

A. North


300. The major dispute between Pakistan

and India


A. Kashmir issue

301. Chemical substances that increase


surface temperature is known as:

A. Greenhouse


302. Third battle of Pani pat fought between:

A. Afghans and


303. Who was the Muslim leader of first


Table Conference:

A. Quaid-e-Azam

304. Pneumonia is caused by which bacteria:

A. Cocci

305. What is the name for an amphitheaterlike

hollow that forms at the head of a


A. Saddle

306. Bosnia Signs Deal with Pakistan to

Send Back

Migrant in:

A. November


307. First general election was held in

Pakistan in:

A. 1970

308. Which metallic element is liquid at



A. Mercury

309. Stethoscope was invented by:

A. Rene Laennec

310. When Pakistan built first nuclear

power plant:

A. November


311. Who was the first to measure the earth



312. Paris agreement ends the:

A. American Civil


313. Zero was invented by:

A. Brahmagupta

314. Which country last join SAARC:

A. Afghanistan

315. Zia Mohyeddin is a:

A. Actor

316. The Orange river flow in____:

A. Africa

317. Mojave desert located in which country:


318. Pak China border dispute was settled


A. 1963

319. ______was also known as the 3rd June


A. Mountbatten


320. The function of State bank of Pakistan


A. Implement

monetary policy

321. The submarines operate_____:

A. Archimedes’


322. Which gas is 80 times more potent than


A. Methane

323. Headquarter of International Energy

Agency (IEA) is located in:

A. Paris

324. Lahore resolution is called Pakistan

resolution by:

A. India Press

325. The capacity of Neelum-Jhelum

Hydropower plant:

A. 969 MW

326. Internet Explorer is a type of:

A. Browser

327. MS office is a_____.

A. Horizontal


328. We can use____ to convert word in Io


A. Print

329. Who invented computer?

A. Charles


330. We can remove / hide border of a shape



A. No outline

331. Who admired Muslim efforts for save


A. A J Springer

332. Battle in which Holy Prophet(PBUH)

not participated is known as.

A. Sariyya

333. Which book is wrote by Hazrat Ali RA?

A. Nahj al-Balagha

334. When Hazrat Umar RA captured

Jerusalem for first time?

A. 638CE

335. Which Ayat of Holy Quran is longest in



A. Ayat 282

336. Which Surah is called the Heart of Al-


A. Surah Yaseen

337. Which companion of Holy Prophet


includes in the scribe of revelation:

A. Hazrat Usman


Hazrat Zaid

Ibn Sabit RA


Abdullah Bin

Masood RA

338. Which Article of Constitution gives


Court the Suo Motu powers?

A. Article 184 (3)

339. National tree of Pakistan?

A. Deodar

340. The Muslim invaded in Spain____.

A. 711C.E

341. The first session of the first Constituent

Assembly of Pakistan was held on:

A. 10 August

342. Industrial revolution started from:

A. England

343. Humans have _____ chromosome pairs.

A. 23

344. The Al-Tasrif is the book based on


instruments written by:

A. Abu al-Qasim


345. Who wrote the Siddhartha?

A. Herman hesse

346. POA stands for:

A. Pakistan



347. Guava is a rich source of which


A. Vitamin C

348. Russia annexed Crimean Peninsula from


A. 2014

349. Durand Line marks border between:

A. Pakistan and


350. The space agency of Pakistan is:


351. Myopia is a disease of:

A. Eye

352. Shah Wali Ullah born in.

A. 1703

353. Who was the first ruler of the Slave


A. Qutubuddin


354. The last dynasty of Delhi sultanale is:

A. Lodhi

355. The residential imperial twin tower

located in:

A. India

356. The Dark green field in the flag of



A. Muslim


357. Long March 5 rocket launch by which


A. China

358. What symbolizes the olive branch?

A. Peace

359. Lunar sea refer to:

A. A dark plain on

the moon

360. Sauddi Arabia founded which city on the

sea on the sea of red shores:

A. Neom

361. The United Nations was founded on:

A. 20 October,


362. Blood is thicker than:

A. Water

363. Almaty is the city of:

A. Kazakhstan

364. The tenure of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto as a

PM was:

A. 1973-1977

365. Latency time is:

A. Time to spin the

needed data

under head

366. Alpine glacier are also called:

A. Valley Glacier

367. Round Table conferences held in:

A. London

368. According to Von Thunen model the

central place is:

A. City

369. Which element is liquid at room


A. Bromine

370. Who is the father of Geometry?

A. Euclid

371. Last decade of Ramzan is known as:

A. Freedom from

the Hell

372. Marco Polo is a famous :

A. Traveler

373. A person of which of the following

blood groups is called a universal


A. O

374. Time New Roman, Ariel Are example of:

A. Font format

375. Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo are:

A. Email server

376. In power point, the header and footer


can be found on the insert tab in what


A. Text group

377. Which wife of Holy Prophet(PBUH)



A. Hazrat Hyesha


378. Which caliph has shortest tenure:

A. Hazrat Abu


379. Name the tribe of Hazrat Haleema:

A. Hawazin

380. In which surah of Holy Quran word

Allah is mention in every verses?


381. Imam Al Nasai born in:

A. 214 Hijri

382. Theory of relativity was given by:

A. Albert Einstein

383. Which country has largest reservation

of oil:

A. Venezuela

384. One US gallon is equal to how many


A. 3.785

385. UNICEF stand for:

A. United Nations





386. Russian revolution occurred in:

A. 1917

387. In British era which princely state was


according to population size:

A. Hyderabad

388. How many default layout pages in power


A. 24

389. Who wrote novel Akhir e Shab Ke


A. Quratul ain


390. What is’Subway’?

A. Underground


391. The first computer mouse was built by:

A. Douglas


392. Which country is the largest producer

of oil:


393. Electronic crime is a type of which


A. Cyber Crime

394. UNICEF was established in which of

following years?

A. 1946

395. Capital of Belgium is

A. Brussels

396. Bolshevik revolution took place in:

A. Russia

397. In’ MS Access, which data type is


to store large text and numbers?

A. Memo

398. Diamond is a allotropic form of:

A. Carbon

399. Term and tenure of senate membership


A. 6 years

400. Which singer left music considering it


A. Junaid


401. Which of the following is a form of

cyber Crime?

A. Hacking

402. A study of the personality of the

offenders in

physical terms is called a:

A. Criminal


403. The term sociology was coined by:

A. August Comte

404. Ethanol extracted from sugarcane can

be used in _____ as alternative fuels of


A. Brazil

405. Movement of earth material as a unit

along a curved surface is called:

A. Slump

406. Navagio Beach is in:

A. Greece

407. Which country joined UNO in 2006:

A. Montenegro

408. The real name of Ibn Taymiyyah is:

A. Taqi-ud-din

409. When national bank of Pakistan


A. 1949

410. Tape speed is measured in:

A. Inch per


411. When NATO forces left Afghanistan?

A. 2021

412. Who discovered blood circulation?

A. William Harvey

413. Be out of blue means:

A. Suddenly

414. Traveling from place to place is called:

A. Itinerant

415. A place where bees are kept in called:

A. An Apiary

416. IP stands for:

A. Internet


417. Who won the third battle of Pani Pat in


A. Ahmad Shah


418. A program represent eight symbols is


A. Octal

419. Joe Biden was elected senator from


state of US?

A. Delaware

420. The layer of atmosphere where we live


A. Troposphere

421. Layout of handout defines:

A. Handout


422. National Flag of Pakistan was designed


A. Amir udin


423. 19th SAARC conference was held in:

A. Pakistan

424. Desert movement is the resultant

feature of

which process.

A. Deflation

425. Mohammad bin Zayed first UAE leader

to visit Pakistan after:

A. 12 years

426. Who was the first governor of west

Punjab in


A. Francis Mudie

427. Who coined UNO name:

A. Roosevelt

428. USSR disintegrated in how many states



A. 15

429. Animation means:

A. Accelerated

static images

430. The hottest desert in the world is:

A. Lut desert

431. Which period are most aligning

between Congress Muslim leader?

A. 1916-1922

432. Which daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakar

RA who

become the wife of Holy Prophet SAW:

A. Hazrat Ayesha


433. Hijri Calendar started by:

A. Hazrat Umar


434. Who is pioneered in developing modern


435. Which city built primarily for capital?

A. Islamabad

436. The first pillar of Islam is:

A. Tauheed

437. Which country threatened to quit NPT


A. Iran

438. A line on a map joining places of equal


is called a:

A. Isohyet

439. Keenjhar Lake is situated is located in

which district of sindhi:

A. Thatta

440. How much potential of Pakistan


for generating electricity:

A. 60000 MW

441. Mikhail Gorbachev started which


for reforming and reconstructing in


A. Perestroika

and Glasnost

442. Dharmanrajaikastupa in Taxila was

built in the

era of:

A. Kushansf

443. Amman is the capital of:

A. Jordan

444. London Tower Bridge is located on

which river:

A. Thames

445. The book of Hadith Al-Muwatta, was

compiled by:

A. Imam Malik


446. Who wrote Ar-Resala?.

A. Imam Shafi (R


447. Which two books are called


A. Bukhari Sharif,

Muslim Sharif

448. Quaid-e-Azam resigned Irom Imperial

Legislative Council due to:

A. Rowlatt Act

449. Which country built cruise submarine

threatened US?

A. North Korea

450. When Kargil war incident occurred?

A. 1999

451. The first element of periodic table :

A. Hydrogen

452. PODO & EBDO was promulgated by

Ayub khan to_____:

A. Disqualify the

leaders of East


453. Which country gifted the Statue of

Liberty to the United States of America?

A. France

454. Lightning rod invented by.

A. Benjamin


455. Autopsy is taking organ from____.

A. Dead

456. Which Virus is related to ongoing




457. Ormara port is in which province:

A. Baluchistan

458. Godwin Austen is situated in which


A. Karakarom

459. Who wrote “Glimpses of World


A. Jawaharlal


460. Baghdad pact was promulgated in 1955

and then after Iraq left it is also called:


461. Rowlatt act was passed in:

A. 1919

462. In which year Graham Bell invented


A. 1876

463. Ronald ross discovered the cause of:

A. Malaria

464. Who discovered Penicillin:

A. Alexandar


465. Lahore resolution was second from

Punjab by:

A. Maulana Zafar

All Khan

466. First female ambassador of Pakistan in


A. Riffat Masood

467. OlC Stands for:

A. Organization of



468. What is the energy formed due to


A. Kinetic energy

469. Who started Jihad Movement:

A. Syed Ahmad


470. What was the deadline of Kyoto

Protocol for CO2 limit upto 5.86% from

1990s to:

A. 2012

471. The biggest fort of Pakistan:

A. Rani Kot fort

472. Block chain technology used in:

A. Crypto


473. Wind always blow from area:


474. Which of the following flower is called


of Water:

A. Lilly

475. The cause of soil pollution:

A. Acid rain

476. The name of second layer of earth


A. Stratosphere

477. An avalanche hit a Pakistan army base

killed 140 soldiers and civil

contractors at:

A. 7 April, 2012

478. Global warming possess threat to

world is

statement by:

A. Antonio


479. Who delivered Allahabad address:

A. Allama Iqbal

480. Which industry was growing in

Pakistan before 1958:

A. Manufacturing

481. Nehru report was published in:

A. 1928

482. When Muslim league observed Day of


A. 22 December


483. Which operation started by Pakistan

army to

combat terrorism in 2014:

A. Zarb-e-Azb

484. Which country has most visited by

tourists in modern world?

A. France

485. The modern name of Shahjahnabad is:

A. Purani dili

486. Who is the first sikh senator belong to


A. Gurdeep sing

487. What is the new name of Kashmir


A. Srinagar


488. Who is the first viceroy after 1857 war?

A. Canning

489. When Baluchistan got status of


A. 1970

490. When switzerland got the status of neutral state? A. 1815

491. The last ruler of Ottoman Empire was:  A. Abdul Amjeed II

492. When Taliban formed government in Afghanistan for first time:  A. 1996

493. In the early period which endemic is call black death?  A. Plague

494. Memory which contain information and cannot be changed: A. ROM

495. Which file stored in computer that perform functions quickly while browsing: A. Cache

496. Which is represented from high level to low level in c++, COBOL, JAVA? : A. Software

497. A computer on internet is identified by:  A. IP address

498. Slide sorter of PowerPoint available on:  A. View menu

499. HTML is a website:  A. Language

500. Email spam is _____ messages sent in bulk by email: A. Unwanted

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