Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Past Paper SOLVED 2021 Paper 03

ASI Past Solved Paper 2021

ASI Past Solved Paper 2021 Paper 03

1. When was Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah started his Law practice :

(A) Delhi

(B) Karachi

(C) Calcutta

(D) Bombay

2. The All India Muslim League was founded(formed) in 1906 at which city?

(A) Dhaka

(B) Lahore

(c) Allahabad

(D) Aligarh

3. Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah presented/showed his “Fourteen Points” in response to:

(A) Simon Commission Report

(B) Nehru Report

(C) June, 3 Plan

(D) The Delhi Proposals

4. Who was the head of the Boundary Commission for demarcation of borders between India and Pakistan :

(A) Sir Stafford Cripps

(B) Lord Mountbatten

(C) Sir Cyril Radcliffe

(D) Lord Wavell

5. In 1930 who demanded a separate Muslim homeland at Allahabadi :

(A) Allama Iqbal

(B) Quaid-i-Azam

 (C) Liaqat Ali Khan

(D) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

6. Who is written the famous Pamphlet “Now or Never’ ?

(A) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

(B) Ch. Rehmat Ali

(c) Mohammad Ali Johar

(D) Allama Iqbal

7. what is the name of first Mughal Emperor of India :

(A) Akbar

(B) Humayun

(c) Babur

(D) Sher Shah Suri

8. After the death of Liaqat Ali Khan who became the Prime Minister of Pakistan ?

(A) Mohd. All Bogra

(B) Ghulam Mohammad

(C) Kh. Nazimuddin

(D) Ch. Mohammad Ali

9. Which leaders took part in Presidential Elections?

(A) Shaista Ikram Ullah

(B) Fatima Jinnah

(c) Rana Llagat Ali Khan

(D) Begum Shahnawaz

10. Which of the following Mughal King made Lahore his capital(center) for 14 years?

(A) Shah Jehan

(B) Akbar

(C) Aurangzeb

(D) Bahadur Shah Zafar

11. Where is Syed Ahmed Shaheed Brelvi buried :

(A) Balakot

(B) Muzzafarabad

(c) Jehlum

(D) Abbottabad

12. The boundary(limits) between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called(known) :

(A) Line of Control

(B) No Man’s Land

(C) Durand Line

(D) International Border

13. Who was the last Mughal king of India :

(A) Aurangzeb Alamgir

(B) Bahadur Shah Zafar

(C) Shah Jahan

(D) Mohammad Shah

14. Gawadar is in the province…….:

(A) Punjab

(B) Balochistan

(C) Sindh


15. The famous Khyber Pass is a connect between Peshawar and:

(A) Quetta

(B) Kabul

(C) Mardan

(D) Tehran

16. Baglihar Dam a disputed dam among India and Pakistan has been built in:

(A) Held Kashmir

 (B) Azad Kashmir

(C) Amritsar

(D) Delhi

17. The appointment(selection) of the Chief Justice of Pakistan is made by———?

(A) The Prime Minister

(B) The President

(C) Supreme Judicial Council

(D) Parliament

18. The main source of electrical energy in Pakistan is:

(A) Thermal Power

(B) Hydroelectricity

(C) Nuclear Power

(D) Solar Energy

19. Which one is the largest industry in Pakistan :

(A) Woollen Textile

(B) Sugar Industry

(C) Cotton Textile

(D) Cement Industry

20. Tarbela Dam has been constructed(built) on ———river?

(A) Ravi

(B) Jehlum

(C) Indus

D) Chenab

21. Which of the following is the present Hijri year :

(A) 1428

(B) 1429

(C) 1430

 (D) 1427

22. Where is the National University of Modern Language ?

(A) Lahore

(B) Karachi

(C) Islamabad

(D) Peshawar

23. What is the name present(currently) Secretary General of the United Nations Organization?

(A) Kofi Anan

(B) Ban Ki Moon

(C) Albardi

(D) Collin Powell

24. 10-Downing Street is the residence of———:

(A) American President

(B) Queen of England

(C) French President

(D) British Prime Minister

25. Jerusalem is the Holy City of———-:

(A) Christians

(B) Muslims

(C) Jews

(D) All of them

26. Myanmar is the new name of———:

(A) Nepal

(B) Sri Lanka

(C) Burma

(D) Bhutan

27. Who is the author of Harry Potter series of books for children :

 (A) J. K. Rowling

(B) Enld Blyton

(C) Roald Dalh

(D) Danis Robins

28. Nelson Mandela connect to:

(A) Kenya

(B) Somalia

(C) South Africa

(D) Uganda

29. Scotland Yard is the Police Department of which country:

(A) America

(B) England

(C) France

(D) Germany

30. Tayyip Erdogan is the Prime Minister of which country:

(A) Iran

B) Turkey

(c) Egypt

(D) Jordan

31. Which country has banned/stopped wearing of head scarf by Muslim students?

(A) Holland

(B) France

(C) Canada

(D) America

32. FIR abbreviation is:

(A) First Information Report

(B) First Investigation Report

 (C) Forensic Investigation Report

(D) Follow up Information Report

33. Dr. Fahmida Mirza the speaker of National Assembly was elected as MNA from which province:

(A) Sindh

(B) Punjab


(D) Baluchistan

34. Who is the Leader of opposition in the National Assembly :

(A) Ch. Pervez Ellahi

(B) Ch. Nisar All

(c) Raza Rabbani

(D) Ch. Shujaat Hussain

35. Where is the headquarters of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) :

(A) Tehran

(B) Ankara

(c) Jeddah

(D) Cairo

36. Union Jack is the flag of——— country:

(A) America

(B) England

(C) Canada

(D) France

37. One kilometer is equation to———meters:

(A) 100 meters

(B) 500 meters

(C) 1000 meters

(D) 2000 meters

38. Sunlight is a good source of———vitamin:

(A) Vitamin A

(B) Vitamin B

(C) Vitamin C

(D) Vitamin D

39. Which of the following gas is used in advertising(publicity) lights?

(A) Argon

(B) Neon

(C) Helium

(D) Carbon dioxide

40. What is the name of largest(biggest) continent in the world :

(A) Asia

(B) Africa

(C) Europe

(D) Australia

41. What type of energy is stored in a dry cell?

(A) Mechanical

(B) Electrical

(C) Chemical

(D) Solar

42. Which one is the normal boiling point of water ?

(A) 100°C

(B) 110°C

(C) 120°C

(D) 200°C

43. Which gas is kill bacteria in water?

(A) Hydrogen

 (B) Sulphur

(C) Chlorine

(D) Nitrogen

44. One ton is equal to…….K.G:

(A) 500 K.G.

(B) 1000 K.G.

(C) 2000 KG.

(D) 3000 K.G.

45. Which is not provide energy?

(A) Carbohydrates

(B) Proteins

(C) Fats

(D) Water

46. Diabetes is caused due to the deficiency/shortage of:

(A) Calcium

(B) Vitamin B

(C) Vitamin C

(D) Insulin

47. Which of the following part of human body is like a computer?

(A) Heart

(B) Brain

(C) Lungs

(D) Eyes

48. ——- is the smallest planet and nearest to the sun :

(A) Earth

(B) Mercury

(c) Mars

 (D) Jupiter

49. The age of a tree known from its———-:

(A) Height

(B) Number of Branches

(c) Number of Fruits

(D) Number of Rings on its trunk

50. Green vegetables provide us——–:

(A) Proteins

(B) Vitamins & Minerals

(C) Fats and Oils

(D) Starch

51. Condoleezza Rice is the American ———-:

(A) Secretary of State

(B) Defence Minister

(c) Secretary Defence

(D) Advisor of President

52. Roger Federer is a famous player of which game:

(A) Tennis

(B) Golf

(C) Football

(D) Cricket

53. Bill Gates is the founder of…… :


(B) Dell

(C) HP

(D) Microsoft

54. The most broadly used internet search engine in the world is:

 (A) Yahoo

(B) Google


(D) You Tube

55. Barack Obama the American President candidate connected to which party?

(A) Democratic Party

(B) Republican Party

(C) American Congress

(D) Labor Party

56. CPU stands by……..

(A) Central Processing Unit

(B) Control Panel Unit

(c) Central Programming Unit

(D) Computer Power Unit

57. NATO is abbreviation of———:

(A) North Asia Treaty Organization

(B) North Atlantic Treaty Organization

(C) North America Treaty Organization

(D) Non Alliance Treaty Organization

58. Choose the correct spellings:

(A) Successful

(B) Successfull

(C) Sucsesful

(D) Sucsesfull

59. Frightened means:

(A) Worried

(B) Afraid

 (C) Dangerous

(D) Confused

60. Alma mater mean is :

(A) Library

(B) Personal matter

(C) Bookshop

(D) One’s college or university

61. Which word is wrong?

(A) Confusion

(B) Distruction

(C) Previous

(D) Computer

62. Beautiful is a…………..:

(A) Noun

(B) Verb

(C) Adjective

(D) Adverb

63. An above Board person means—————:

(A) Trustworthy

(B) Dishonest

(C) Friendly

(D) Cruel

64. A fair weather friend means—————-:

(A) False Friend

(B) Good Friend

(c) Loyal Friend

(D) Close Friend

65. Davis cup is connected with:

(A) Tennis

(B) Hockey

(C) Football

(D) Cricket

66. The fourth state of matter is called:

(A) Plasma

B) Wood

(C) Metal

(D) Rubber

67. The square root of √169 is————–:

(A) 43

(B) 13

(C) 84

(D) 169

68. complete the series?

64, 48, 40, 36, 34 …..

(A) 30

(B) 31

(C) 32

(D) 33

69. The zoo had some lions and some sparrows, the supervisor(manger) counted 15 heads and 50 legs. How many

lions were there?

(A) 9

(B) 10

(C) 12

(D) 13

70. Which number can exchange both question marks? 2/? =? /50

(A) 5

(B) 10

(C) 25

(D) 100

71. Divide ¼ + ¼= answer is ?

(A) 1/32

(B) 1/8

(C) ½

(D) 2

72. 5/14×7/10=answer is ?

(A) ¼

(B) 50/98

(C) 35/140

(D) 6

73. The square root of V729 is:

(A) 33

(B) 27

(C) 37

(D) 43

74. If 15 women can make(built) 27 baskets in an hour, how many basket would 45 women can make(built) in 40


(A) 27

(B) 35

(C) 40

(D) 54

75. 18 is 75% of——?

 (A) 24

(B) 28

(C) 34

(D) 32

۔مسابقت کا مطلب ہے 76

▪ برابری


▪ کمی بيشی

▪ سختی

۔بابائے اردو کسے کہا جاتا ہے؟ 77

مولوی عبدالحق

▪ سر سيد احمد خان

▪ ابن انشاء

▪ مولانا ظفر علی خان

۔پيام مشرقکس کی تصنيف ہے؟ 78

▪ اسد لله غالب

علامہ اقبال

▪ الطاف حسين حالی

▪ حفيظ جالندهری

۔خوشحال خان خٹک ک کس زبان کے شاعر ہيں؟ 79


▪ سندهی

▪ پنجابی

▪ بلوچی

۔علامہ اقبال کی مشہور نظم شکوه ان کے کس مجموعہ کلام ميں ہے ؟ 80

▪ بال جبريل

▪ ضرب کليم

بانگ درا

▪ ارمغان حجاز

۔تذبذب کا مطلب ہے 81

سوچ بچار

▪ پريشانی

▪ حيرت

▪ غصہ

۔ متمول کا مطلب ہے 82

دولت مند

▪ عزت دار

▪ مشہور

▪ عہديدار

۔مشہور ڈرامہانارکلیکس کی تصنيف ہے؟ 83

امتياز علی تاج

▪ اشفاق

▪ بانو قدسيہ

▪ سعادت حسن منٹو

۔قصہ ہائے وفاکس شاعر کی کتابوں کا مجموعہ ہے؟ 84

▪ احمد فراز

فيض احمد فيض

▪ احمد نديم قاسمی

▪ پروين شاکر

۔ضرب المثل کون سی ہے؟ 85

▪ پانی ميں آگ لگانا

▪ اپنے منہ مياں مٹهو بننا

▪ عيد کا چاند ہونا

بوڑهی گهوڑی لال لگام

۔ قرآن حکيم کے لفظی معنی ہيں 86

تلاوت کيا گيا

▪ ہدايت نامہ

▪ لله کی کتاب

▪ ظابطہ اخلاق

۔قرآن پاک ميں کون سے صحابی کا ذکر ہے 87

▪ حضرت بلال

▪ ہدايت نامہ

▪ حضرت سعد بن ابی وقاص

حضرت زيد بن حارث

۔حضرت محمد صلی لله عليہ وسلم نے سب سے پہلے کون سی مسجد تعمير کروائی؟ 88

مسجد قباء

▪ مسجد نبوی

▪ مسجد ضرار

▪ مسجد قبلتين

۔ حضرت محمد صلی لله عليہ وسلم نے نبوت ملنے سے پہلے کس ملک کا سفر کيا تها؟ 89


▪ عراق

▪ کوفہ

▪ مصر

۔حج کے لغوی معنی کيا ہيں 90

زيارت کا اراده کرنا

▪ طواف کرنا

▪ جدوجہد کرنا

▪ عبادت کرنا

۔ مو زن رسول صلی لله عليہ وسلم کے صحابی کو کہا جاتا ہے؟ 91

حضرت بلال حبشی

▪ حضرت زيد بن حارث

▪ حضرت ابو بکر صديق

▪ حضرت حمزه

۔کليم لله کس پيغمبر کا لقب ہے؟ 92

▪ حضرت عيسی

▪ حضرت اسماعيل

حضرت موسی

▪ حضرت محمد صلی لله عليہ وسلم

۔صحاح ستہ سے مراد کون سی کتابيں ہيں؟ 93


▪ سيرت النبی

▪ تفسير قرآن

▪ فقہ

۔خلفاء الراشدين ميں سے ذوالنورين کس کا لقب ہے ؟ 94

حضرت عثمان غنی

▪ حضرت عمر فاروق

▪ حضرت ابوبکر صديق

▪ حضرت علی مرتضی

۔رسول اکرم صلی لله عليہ وسلم نے کتنی مرتبہ فريضہ حج کيا؟ 95


▪ 2

▪ 3

▪ 4

۔روزے کس سن ہجری ميں فرض ہو ے؟ 96

▪ ہجری 1

ہجری 2

▪ ہجری 3

▪ ہجری 5

۔ماں کے قدموں تلے جنت ہے 97

ارشاد نبوی ہے

▪ قرآنی آيت کا ترجمہ ہے

▪ محاوره ہے

▪ کہاوت ہے

۔خلفاء راشدين ميں سے جامع القرآن ——کو کہا جاتا ہے؟ 98

▪ حضرت ابوبکر صديق رضی لله عنہ

▪ حضرت عمر رضی لله انہوں

عثمان غنی رضی لله

▪ حضرت علی مرتضی

۔غزوه احزاب کا دوسرا نام ہے؟ 99

▪ غزوه بدر

▪ غزوه احد

غزوه خندق

▪ __________غزوه تبوک

۔پوليس کا محکمہ کس خليفہ راشد کے دور ميں قائم ہوا؟ 100

▪ حضرت ابوبکر صديق رضی لله عنہ

حضرت عمر فاروق رضی لله انہوں

▪ حضرت عثمان غنی رضی لله عنہ

حضرت علی مرتضی

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