Tehsildar (BS-16) Model Paper -1 According to New Syllabus || Tehsildar English Model Paper-1 of 2021.

Tehsildar Model Paper English

Tehsildar (BS-16) Model Paper -1 According to New Syllabus || Tehsildar English Model Paper-1 of 2021.



Choose the correct antonym of the given word:

1. Embellish

(A) Perish (B) Disarm (C) Adorn (D) Disfigure

2. Stagnant

(A) Inertia (B) Progress (C) Mobile (D) Effervescence

3. Heterogeneous

(A) Colourful (B) Different (C) Similar (D) Homogeneous

4. Kith

(A) Strangers (B) Outfit (C) Son (D) Relative

5. Jocose

(A) Diseased (B) Playful (C) Dull (D) Humorous

Choose the correct synonym of the given word:

6. Qualm

(A) Attribute (B) Altercation (C) Scruple (D) Crisis

7. Candid

(A) Anxious (B) Frank (C) Experienced (D) Secretive

8. Haughty

(A) Casual (B) Careless (C) Straightforward (D) Proud

9. Docile

(A) Stubborn (B) Stupid (C) Gentle (D) Vague

10. Satellite

(A) A servile attendant (B) Gem (C) Rules (D) Sparkling

11. Over recent years, many skilled craftsmen and women ____ their jobs in the pottery trade in the UK, but gradually English porcelain ____ its reputation.

(A) will have lost / will regain (B) had been losing / has regained

(C) lost / regains (D) have lost / is regaining

12. After she ____ to turn up for our appointment for the third time, I ____ to meet her again.

(A) is failing / am refusing (B) has failed / had refused

(C) was failing / will refuse (D) had failed / refused

13. Since I took part in my first debating match, I ____ a member of the debating club, which I ____ most weekends.

(A) will have been / have attended (B) have been / attend

(C) will be / was attending (D) am / had been attending

14. By the first half of the 19th century, the potato ____ the staple food in the Ireland. In 1854, a disease ____, which resulted in widespread starvation.

(A) was becoming / has struck (B) will become / was going to strike

(C) had become / struck (D) was going to become / strikes

15. The origins of domestic poultry ____ uncertain, but experts believe that some breeds are descended from the Indian jungle-fowl, which still ____ in India today.

(A) are going to be / will exist (B) had been / will have existed

(C) were / had been existing (D) are / exists

16. Can you speak ____ Spanish?

(A) a (B) an (C) the (D) no article

17. She wants to become ___ engineer.

(A) a (B) an (C) the (D) no article

18. I saw ____ one eyed person.

(A) a (B) an (C) the (D) no article

19. Spring is _____ best season of _____ year.

(A) the/the (B) a/a (C) the/a (D) a/-

20. All _____ books on _____ top of the shelf belongs to me.

(A) the/the (B) -/the (C) the /- (D) -/a

21. Nafeesa is afraid_____ spiders.

(A) from (B) in (C) about (D) of

22. He looks upset, I think he took the criticism_____ heart.

(A) to (B) about (C) in (D) of

23. She suffers_____ a heart disease.

(A) about (B) in (C) from (D) on

24. The teacher set some homework_____ the end of the lesson.

(A) about (B) in (C) of (D) at

25. We arrived_____ the station an hour late.

(A) about (B) in (C) at (D) of

26. He wanted to improve his piano playing _______ he wanted to win the competition.

(A) so (B) but (C) because (D) therefore

27. I am good at English _______ I am not going to help Amy.

(A) because (B) but (C) or (D) so

28. He can’t walk _______ he fell off the chair _______ hurt his foot, _______ he has a lot of time to read.

(A) and / because / so (B) because / and / so (C) so / and / because (D) so / because / and

29. Last Sunday was my mum’s birthday _______ I wanted to buy a present for her.

(A) so (B) or (C) but (D) because

30. I went to the shopping centre _______ the shops were closed.

(A) or (B) because (C) but (D) so

31. Choose the correct statement:

a) My aunt who lives in Mumbai is a doctor. b) My aunt, who lives in Mumbai, is a doctor. c) My aunt, who lives in Mumbai is a doctor. d) My aunt who lives in Mumbai, is a doctor.

32. Choose the correct statement:

a) I met a beautiful , European woman. b) I met a beautiful European woman.

c) I met a beautiful European, woman. d) I met a beautiful , European, woman.

33. She will ___________ (get) you a new pair of jeans on your birthday.

(A). got (B). gotten (C). get (D). getting

34. I never _______ (use) to miss my drawing classes in school.

(A). used (B). use (C). using (D). uses

35. The wind ________ (blow) heavily yesterday.

(A). blow (B). had blew (C). blown (D). was blowing

36. They are not meeting us.

A – We have not being met by them.

B – We are not being met by them.

C – We are being not met by them.

D – We have being not met by them.

37. The fire destroyed expensive products.

A – Expensive products destroyed by the fire

B – Expensive products were destroyed by the fire.

C – Expensive products have been torn by the fire.

D – The fire, being destroyed expensive products.

38. He has a gut feeling that his brother may be keeping a secret.

(A) He has a gut feeling that a secret may be being kept by his brother.

(B) A gut feeling is had that a secret is kept by his brother.

(C) He had a gut feeling that a secret was kept by his brother.

(D) He has a gut feeling that maybe his brother kept a secret.

39. She has preserved all the old letters of her dead lover.

(A) All the old letters of her dead lover have been preserved by her.

(B) All the old letters of her dead lover has been preserved by her.

(C) All the old letters have been preserved.

(D) The letters of her old lover have been preserved.

40. If you’re doing something important, you are working to make change happen.

(A) If something important is being done, work is being done to make change happen.

(B) If something important is done, work is done to make change happen.

(C) Something important is being done by you, you are making change happen.

(D) If important work is being done, change is about to happen.

41. Strong sense of love for a place is called?

A. Autophilia

B. Astrophilia

C. Clinophilia

D. Topophilia

42. A person who wants to destroy all government and order is called _________?

A. Alienate

B. Anarchist

C. Annihilate

D. Aviary

43. Severely abusive writing in journals?

A. imaginary

B. speculative

C. scurrilous

D. sarcastic

44. Words written on a tomb is called _____________?

A. epithet

B. epigraph

C. Soliloquy

D. epitaph

45. One who abandons his religious faith:

A. Apostate

B. Prostate

C. Profane

D. Agnostic

46. From the given group of words, choose the word wrongly spelt

A.Imperative B.Ilicit C.Imminent D.Immature

47. Spot the correct spelling

A.Comittee B.Commitee C.Committee D.Committey


A.horse : farm B.squirrel : tree C.beaver : dam D.cat : kitchen


A.spectator : cricket B.deer : farm C.professor : college D.criminal : jail


A.wicket : cricket B.stick : golf C.bridge : billiards D.hockey : puck

51. A student may want to know how many stages insects ____ before they become butterflies.

A) made up of B) become of C) go through D) put through

52. If you ____ yourself there is nothing in which you cannot succeed.

A) trust off B) black out C) bring in D) believe in

53. I think he will not be able to ____ this difficult schedule.

A) get along with B) look forward to C) keep up with D) keep on

54. Because of storm and the heavy rain the flight was ____ .

A) called out B) checked out C) carried out D) called off

55. This encouraging explanation has given him the will to ____ with his duties with great deal of enthusiasm.

A) call in B) catch up with C) carry on D) call up

56. We talked over the matter for an hour but without any result.

(A) discussed (B) fought about (C) surveyed (D) assessed

57. He was murdered in cold blood.

(A) thoughtlessly (B) coolly (C) deliberately (D) unfeelingly

58. The inspector was caught red handed.

(A) found with hands tied (B) caught with dirty hands

(C) caught in the act of committing the crime (D) quickly

59. I have a bone to pick with you in this matter.

(A) desire (B) am angry (C) selfish motive (D) selfless motive

60. Sana stood by her husband in weal and woe.

(A) during the operation (B) during illness

(C) by hook or crook (D) in prosperity and adversity

Direction: Read the following passage carefully and answer the following questions.

The world population is living, working, vacationing, increasingly conglomerating along the coasts, and standing on the front row of the greatest, most unprecedented, plastic waste tide ever faced.

Washed out on our coasts in obvious and clearly visible form, the plastic pollution spectacle blatantly unveiling on our beaches is only the prelude of the greater story that unfolded further away in the world’s oceans, yet mostly originating from where we stand: the land.

For more than 50 years, global production and consumption of plastics have continued to rise. An estimated 299 million tons of plastics were produced in 2013, representing a 4 percent increase over 2012, and confirming an upward trend over the past years. In 2008, our global plastic consumption worldwide has been estimated at 260 million tons, and, according to a 2012 report by Global Industry Analysts, plastic consumption is to reach 297.5 million tons by the end of 2015.

Plastic is versatile, lightweight, flexible, moisture resistant, strong, and relatively inexpensive.

Those are the attractive qualities that lead us, around the world, to such a voracious appetite and over-consumption of plastic goods. However, durable and very slow to degrade, plastic materials that are used in the production of so many products all, ultimately, become waste with staying power. Our tremendous attraction to plastic, coupled with an undeniable behavioral propensity of increasingly over-consuming, discarding, littering and thus polluting, has become a combination of lethal nature.

A simple walk on any beach, anywhere, and the plastic waste spectacle is present. All over the world, the statistics are ever growing, staggeringly. Tons of plastic debris (which by definition are waste that can vary in size from large containers, fishing nets to microscopic plastic pellets or even particles) is discarded every year, everywhere, polluting lands, rivers, coasts, beaches, and oceans.

Published in the journal Science in February 2015, a study conducted by a scientific working group at UC Santa Barbara’s National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), quantified the input of plastic waste from land into the ocean. The results: every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans. It’s equivalent to five grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world. In 2025, the annual input is estimated to be about twice greater, or 10 bags full of plastic per foot of coastline. So the cumulative input for 2025 would be nearly 20 times the 8 million metric tons estimate – 100 bags of plastic per foot of coastline in the world!

Questions :

61. As per the passage, which of the following statements are true?

1. Most of the plastic present in the ocean today has originated from the land.

2. In recent years, the production of plastics has declined.

3. Plastic pollution is present on almost every beach.

A. Only 1 B. Only 2 C. Only 1 and 3 D. All 1, 2 and 3

62. Which of the following is not the quality of plastic?

A. Cheap B. Moisture Resistant C. Brittle D. Lightweight E. Flexible.

63. Which of the following statements are false according to the passage?

1. There is a 4 percent increase in the production of plastics in 2013, over 2012.

2. The production of plastics in 2012 is approximately 299 million tons.

3. According to the Global Industry Experts, plastic consumption is to reach 297.5 million tons by the end of 2015.

A. Only 1 B. Only 2 C. Only 2 and 3 D. Only 1 and 2 E. Only 3

64. Which organization has quantified the input of plastic waste from land into the ocean? As mentioned in the passage.

A. UC Santa Barbara’s National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

B. Global Industry Analysts

C. Kano State Environmental Planning and Protection Agency

D. Foundation for Environmental Education

65. According to the author, What can be the reason behind the plastic pollution.

1. Plastic is cheaply available and that lead to the overconsumption.

2. Plastic does not degrade easily thus it ended up being a pollutant.

3. There is no policy to curb plastic pollution.

A. Only 1 B. Only 2 C. Only 3 D. Only 1 and 2

66. Which of the following word is the synonym of the given word? Propensity

A. Tendency B. Dislike C. Inadequate D. Antipathy

67. Which of the following word is the antonym of the given word? Prelude

A. Preface B. Prologue C. Conclusion D. Preamble

Direction: For the following questions, a topic sentence is given. Try choosing the sentence that best develops or supports it.

68. A fireplace should be lined with special fire bricks to prevent heat transfer.

a. Normal bricks are not dense enough to withstand excessive heat.

b. Fire codes also require a smoke alarm in every room.

c. Good up-drafts can make a pleasant fire, however.

d. Modern houses don’t use as much lumber as older homes did.

69. Cosmetic plastic surgery is one of the fastest-growing segments of U.S. medicine.

a. Cosmetic plastic surgery can have dangerous side effects, some of which can be fatal.

b. Americans are eager to make their bodies as perfect as possible and to minimize the visible signs of aging.

c. The price of cosmetic plastic surgery is also on the rise.

d. This increase in cosmetic plastic surgery says something quite disturbing about our culture.

70. If a car suddenly begins to skid on ice, a driver’s instinctive reaction might be the wrong one.

a. Skids can be a terrifying experience.

b. Cars can be very unpredictable on ice.

c. Many people instinctively turn the wheel in the wrong direction, making the skid worse.

d. New tires can help reduce the risk of skidding on ice.

71. The “lead” inside the common pencil is actually not lead at all.

a. Lead is commonly mined in Africa.

b. Pencils were invented in 1603 by William Ledbelly.

c. Even when sharpened, a pencil may not write as well as a pen.

d. The substance used in pencils today is graphite.

72. The Greek ideal of the hero most closely resembles today’s free agent superstar.

a. A superstar is an athlete who commands a great salary based on his individual skills.

b. The Greek warrior’s focus was on grasping at immortality, and he did this by ensuring that his name would live on, long after he died.

c. The Greek hero valued self-interest above loyalty to a cause, his king, or to his army, just as the free-agent superstar values his contract salary above any special team, coach, or the game.

d. The Greek hero was impressive in his performance on the battlefield as well as in the sports arena.

73. There is no instruction by the old bird in the movements of flight; no conscious imitation by the young.

a. The most obvious way in which birds differ from humans in behavior is that they can do all that they have to do, without ever being taught.

b. More extraordinary than the fact that a bird is able to fly untaught, is that it is able to build a nest untaught.

c. Young birds frequently make their first flights with their parents out of sight.

d. Young birds brought up in artificial environments will build the proper kind of nest for their species when the time comes.

74. Parents play an important role in their children’s academic success.

a. Video games have a negative impact on children’s academic success.

b. Studies show that children of parents who regularly assist with homework and show an active interest in their child’s studies bring home better grades.

c. Studies show that watching less television and spending less time playing video games help children get better grades.

d. Children who are avid readers get much better grades than their peers.

75. In special cases, needy people who have nowhere else to go are permitted to enter the United States as refugees.

a. Other people, however, enter the United States illegally.

b. The total number of newcomers was over one million.

c. United States immigration laws put limits on the number of people permitted to enter the United States.

d. As many as 12 million people may be living in the United States illegally.

76. Most common weed killers work by poisoning the root of the plant.

a. Weed killer can be dangerous to pets.

b. Some weeds can grow even during drought.

c. When using weed killer, always wear gloves.

d. The poison is absorbed by the leaves and carried down to the roots.

77. More and more people are eating organically grown fruits and vegetables.

a. Organic food is usually more expensive than non-organic food.

b. A wide variety of organic chocolate products are now available in stores.

c. Raw foods are enjoying increasing popularity, now that people are discovering how a raw-foods diet leaves you feeling and looking great.

d. Fresh organic produce contains more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes than non-organic produce.

78. In Oklahoma, a girl is forbidden to take a bite from her date’s hamburger.

a. It’s illegal for teenagers to take a bath during the winter in Clinton, Indiana.

b. Youngsters may not spin Yo-Yos on Sunday in Memphis, Tennessee.

c. It may be hard to believe, but these types of strange laws are still on the books!

d. It is illegal to parade an elephant down Main Street in Austin, Texas.

79. A cat’s whiskers are among the most perfect organs of touch.

a. The hairs themselves are very sensitive.

b. Whiskers are generally white in color.

c. Touch is very important to a cat.

d. Dogs have very sensitive noses.

80. French explorers probably taught the Inuit Eskimos how to play dominoes.

a. It was known in 181 a.d. in China.

b. Also, it was played during the eighteenth century in Italy.

c. The game of dominoes has been popular for centuries.

d. From Italy, it was then introduced to the rest of the world.

81. People are now living longer than ever before for many different reasons.

a. Some people in the Soviet Union’s Caucasus Mountains live to be over 100 years of age.

b. No one seems to understand this phenomenon.

c. Advances in medical science have done wonders for longevity.

d. The people in this region do not seem to gain anything from medical science.

82. For 16 years, he spread violence and death throughout the west.

a. Jesse was gunned down on April 3, 1882.

b. He left a trail of train and bank robberies.

c. His crimes were committed during the late 1860s.

d. Jesse Woodson James was the most legendary of all American outlaws.

Direction : For the two questions(83,130 ), choose the sentence that does not support the given topic sentence.

83. In ancient Greece, honor was not just the domain of the warrior.

a. A great orator [speaker], who could sway the public with his logic and wit, was greatly respected.

b. A revered poet’s name lived on long after he died.

c. Great wealth was characteristic of the truly great kings.

d. A warrior’s quest for the esteem of his peers would bring him great prizes, which would secure a long-lasting reputation.

84. In Moby Dick, Herman Melville wrote that the whale men were “enveloped in whale lines,” that each man relied on the others during moments of danger.

a. The small boats that pursued the whales left the whaling ship far behind; each man in a boat had to depend on the others to stay alive.

b. Once the whale was harpooned, the whale line unraveled so fast that water had to be poured on it to keep it from smoking.

c. The whale line was the rope, dozens of yards long, that attached to the harpoon; it was raveled under the seats of all the men metaphorically connecting each man to the next.

d. One wrong move and the line would snap a man right out of the boat; thus, his life depended on whether the crew would cut the whale loose to save him, or leave him in the ocean during the heat of the hunt.

85. Do you think there would be less conflict in the world if all people —- the same language?

(A) will speak

(B) speak

(C) had spoken

(D) spoke

86. If you can give me one good reason for your acting like this, —- this incident again.

(A) I will never mention

(B) I never mention

(C) will I never mention

(D) I don’t mention

87. Unless you —- all of my questions, I can’t do anything to help you.

(A) answered

(B) answer

(C) would answer

(D) were answering

88. Had you told me that this was going to happen, I —- it.

(A) would never have believed

(B) hadn’t believed

(C) don’t believe

(D) can’t believe

89. My parents have been my emotional safety net and I —- the hardships in life without their constant support and attention.

(A) didn’t survive

(B) wouldn’t have survived

(C) haven’t survived

(D) hadn’t survived

90. The coach asked us if we had any doubts.

A. The coach said, “Has anyone have doubts?”

B. The coach said to us, “Any doubts?”

C. The coach said to us, “Do you have any doubts?”

D. The coach said, “Would you have doubts?”

91. He said that the grandmother would be visiting.

A. He said, “The grandmother will visit.”

B. He said, “The grandmother shall visit.”

C. He said, “The grandmother must be visiting.”

D. He said, “The grandmother may be visiting.”

92. Mr. Steven said that that explanation was easier.

A. Mr. Steven said, “That explanation is easier!”

B. Mr. Steven said, “This explanation was easier.”

C. Mr. Steven said, “This explanation could be easier.”

D. Mr. Steven said, “This explanation is easier.”

93. He said to his wife that they should buy a new car.

A. He said to his wife, “We shall buy a new car.”

B. He said, “Wife, let us buy a new car.”

C. He said to his wife, “We can buy a new car.”

D. He tells his wife, “We may buy a new car.”

94. The King ordered that they should celebrate their victory.

A. The King said, “One should celebrate their victory.”

B. The King said, “We should celebrate our victory.”

C. The King said, “I order everyone to celebrate.”

D. The King said, “We may celebrate.”

95. The head said to the staff that they had thought of a solution.

A. The head said, “We have a solution.”

B. The head said to the staff, “We have thought of a solution!”

C. The head said to the staff, “We have thought of a solution.”

D. The head said, “We have been thinking of a solution.”

96. He asked who had been responsible for that.

A. He said, “Who was responsible for this?”

B. He said, “Who has been responsible for this?”

C. He said, “Who is responsible for this?”

D. He said, “Who shall be responsible for this.”

97. She exclaimed with joy that that was her birthday party.

A. She said, “It is my birthday party.”

B. She said, “On! It is my birthday party.”

C. She said, “I have been waiting for my birthday party.”

D. She said, “Yay! It is my birthday party.”

98. Anthony said that I should definitely visit there.

A. Anthony said, “You shall definitely visit here.”

B. Anthony said, “You should definitely visit there.”

C. Anthony said, “You may visit there once.”

D. Anthony said, “Everyone should definitely visit there.”

99. He asked me whether you were ready or he should wait.

A. He said to me, “Is she ready or shall I wait?”

B. He said, “Are you ready or should I wait?”

C. He said to me, “Are you ready or shall I wait?”

D. He said, “Are you ready or not?”

100. Kiara said that she had been planning for that for a while.

A. Kiara said, “I had a plan for this for a while.”

B. Kiara said, “I have planned for this for a while.”

C. Kiara said, “I have been planning for this for a while.”

D. Kiara said, “I planned this for a while.”

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